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Megatopia Films is a UK based production company.

Founded by Luke Healy and Anthony Woodley, Megatopia make original and commercially successful films for both UK and international audiences. The company’s latest feature, The Flood, is a contemporary thriller scheduled for production in 2017.


Director / Producer

Anthony is described by Movie Scope Magazine as ‘One to Watch’.  He has directed two feature films. The first OUTPOST 11 a steampunk Sci-Fi thriller featuring Bernard Hill, premiered at Raindance Festival and was described by the Evening Standard as “a confident, moody debut”. His second feature film THE CARRIER starring Edmund Kingsley and Jack Gordon is complete and has been distributed internationally including a UK release through Altitude Film Entertainment.

His awards include a southern Royal Television Society award for directing and the Inky Foot young writers award.



Luke co-founded Megatopia Films with the aim of making independent British feature films about topical subjects with unique perspectives not typically covered by mainstream filmmakers.

Previously, he was the UK producer for several Los Angeles based feature film production companies. Since returning to the UK, he has produced two feature films, which are being distributed internationally and has a number of projects in development, including those about the 1916 Irish Rising, the Soho bombing of a gay pub, and the current European refugee crisis. He trained and worked as an actor, working extensively for fifteen years in theatre, film and TV.


Head of Development

Helen is an emerging British screenwriter and was lead writer on THE CARRIER. After graduating with a first class degree in English and Writing for Film/Theatre/TV, Helen had an internship at BBC Films before receiving a scholarship to study for an MFA in Screenwriting in Toronto.

Helen’s script GOOGLY won the Ideastap Short Film Fund and premiered at the BFI, directed by BAFTA New Talent award-winner Kate Charter.




As England falls to an antibiotic resistant pandemic, a group of survivors escape on a damaged 747 to find safety abroad. But one of them is infected and they must decide whether to land or risk spreading the infection.

The film stars Edmund Kingsley, Joe Dixon and Jack Gordon. It premiered at Raindance 2015 and has been distributed in the UK, US, Canada, Japan, Indonesia and the Middle East.

The Carrier IMDB credits

OUTPOST 11 (2013)


Set in an alternative past where steam power prevails, OUTPOST 11 is the story of three soldiers manning a remote listening post in the Arctic Circle. When a warning light goes off unexpectedly, their world is plunged into chaos.

OUTPOST 11 was selected to premiere at the 2013 Raindance Film Festival and received praise from press for its refreshing unusualness.

It has been distributed in the UK, Germany and North America with offers for other territories currently in negotiation.

To date it has made its investment back in sales.

Outpost 11 IMDB Credits


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